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You can use our knowledge to help develop you or your team. We have a wide range of regular events and seminars focused on the issues that matter to you.
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The employment relationship can end for a number of reasons – sometimes happily and other times less so. Whatever the reason, it is important that managers are aware of the process of termination of employment and the legal implications that can arise.
08 September 2015
These forums are aimed at in-house lawyers and the wider in-house community with responsibilities for legal affairs.
09 September 2015
This seminar is aimed at healthcare professionals working within NHS organisations, it will be held in partnership with the NHS Strategic Projects Team.
15 September 2015
This update will offer you our assessment of the impact of the new Conservative Government on employment law: with its narrow majority, what policies are likely to be implemented, and which ones will languish in the too difficult pile?
15 September 2015
Our national real estate seminar series will focus on the legal and practical issues:

Identifying previously developed land suitable for housing - current sources of information. How will the statutory register work? Proposals for an online platform of suitable brownfield land.

Minimising legal liabilities associated with brownfield land - residual groundwater pollution, mobilisation of existing contamination and offsite migration.

Local Development Orders - what are they and when should they be used? Tips and pitfalls producing LDOs.

Using CIL and s.106 to manage the planning burden on brownfield sites.
16 September 2015

Events and seminars
Events and seminars