Robert Hutton

Position: Consultant
Phone: +(44)(0)1603 693218
Fax: +(44)(0)1603 760251

What can I do for you?

I am a specialist in complex commercial property acquisitions and disposals, development projects, land options, mineral agreements and consortium arrangements. My work includes advising clients in the waste disposal and recycling sectors. I also have clients in the historic buildings sector. I am fortunate to have worked for many of my clients for 20 years or more.

Supporting my clients’ objectives

One interesting transaction involved four parties with numerous payments, agreements and documents with the added complication of works on different landholdings. It was essential to meet a target date and not all the parties were motivated to make it. We gave everyone a deadline 48 hours before the actual deadline and the clients were therefore very pleased when we completed 24 hours before the actual deadline.

Another transaction involved a consortium arrangement requiring the terms of the consortium agreement to be negotiated as well as the sale of part of the land. This transaction had a mix of different landholdings, parties and complexities.

What do others say?

One comment recently from a client is that he thinks we would never have got to completion had I not managed to keep on good terms with all the other parties and kept pushing all the documents along.

Our team is known for its friendly and commercial approach.

What else should you know?

The team recognises that good relations with local surveyors are vital in this sector and often surveyors phone me and ask questions which are not directly related to current matters. We welcome all such approaches.