Infectious ambition

Our philosophy of infectious ambition is about a culture where people have a genuine enthusiasm for doing things better for our clients. We work together, bounce ideas off each other, and implement the results for your benefit. This innovative and positive attitude is matched with talent and experience so that our insights give you measurable value.

You will experience infectious ambition throughout our service:

  • A hunger to tackle all your challenges, local and global
  • A thirst to find out about your organisation and what we can do for you
  • A willingness to go the extra mile through our “can do, will do” attitude

It’s a philosophy that can be contagious. Working with us, we hope that you’ll also feel energised and inspired.

If you want to know what this looks like in practice, this is the tale of the morning before Christmas for one of our teams …

“We were advising a client on a critical £200 million contract and this was the culmination of a year’s work for a couple of team members.

"The true spirit of teamwork within the firm was evident during the intense period of working over the course of the weekend before Christmas and through to final contract signature at 7.30am on Christmas Eve. This was particularly demonstrated through the support provided by our team’s trainees, paralegals and support staff who worked in excess of 18 hour days and a secretary from another office who travelled to our office on Saturday to provide additional typing support to the team. All were invaluable in getting to the close of the contract. Particular mention should also go to one of our team members who, up until 10.00pm the previous night, hadn’t been involved in the deal. He had been about to go to the pub but instead stayed in the office until 8.00am on Christmas Eve to provide further support to the weary team in the closing stages of the transaction.”

Infectious ambition
Infectious ambition