Outstanding client service

We asked our clients what makes service outstanding and the resulting five key elements now underpin every aspect of how we work with them.

Advice that actually provides advice

You will find our advice straightforward, clear and in plain English. We provide an honest assessment and a plan for the future. We deliver it without jargon and, if you want us to recommend a course of action, we’ll get off the fence and do this.

“Always personable and offer straight advice on the issues at hand.” 

Responsiveness and availability

You’ll find that our lawyers are easily accessible: in person, by phone or by email. We will always provide a rapid response to your queries and ensure that your deadlines are met.

“Commercial approach, no false promises, honesty at the outset in terms of deliverability – excellent communication and availability throughout the entire process.”

Transparency and certainty on costs

You want the maximum value from your legal spend and certainty on costs. We will explain to you what the job entails, what we will undertake for you and how much it will cost. Throughout the process, you’ll be updated on how a job is progressing so you are aware of any unforeseeable issues and whether this could impact on fees. And to help you manage your budget, we bill when we say we will.

“An estimate was given and communication on costs throughout the matter was very, very good. I particularly appreciated the spreadsheet that was sent to me each Monday showing the time that was spent during the previous week and the costs incurred.”

Personal chemistry and a close working relationship

You will find us personable, friendly, down to earth, enthusiastic and interested. We will invest our time in building the relationship.

“As far as I am concerned the team at Mills & Reeve is an extension of my own team. Knowledgeable, friendly, we have a good working relationship that would be difficult to beat I suspect. “

Knowledge of you and your business sector

We will always want to know as much about your organisation as possible so that we can tailor our advice and put it in context. We will invest our time in this as it means our clients get advice that is astute, relevant and effective.

“Very good industry specific knowledge. Don’t mind occasionally debating with me when I don’t agree with their position.”