International work

Confidently assuring clients of legal support, wherever it may be required across the world is an essential element of the international service we offer.

Over more than twenty years we have been diligent in building a worldwide network of trusted legal advisers, with common standards of expertise, responsiveness and cost effective support. We found that having the committed resources of local experts was the most effective way to meet client needs. As a result we constantly refresh the network to be certain we always have the right support available.

The challenges

The great majority of our clients conduct their businesses well beyond the boundaries of the UK. They need and expect legal support wherever in the world they are doing business. The problems they encounter range from the trivial to the very serious; from cultural to practical issues and from compliance to enforcement. The challenge for Mills & Reeve is therefore straightforward – to ensure that we can always meet our clients’ needs and wherever possible exceed their expectations both at home and abroad.

Achieving your ambitions

Through supporting our clients’ international ambitions we have developed an extensive international experience. Our lawyers work across the globe, through the established markets of Western Europe and North America to the emerging markets in China, India, the Middle East and South America. As part of this experience we have developed a worldwide network of trusted legal advisers. Reputable independent law firms whose strengths and expertise we know and trust. This means that we can assure our clients have access to the best team on the ground at any location at any time. Providing not just expert technical and commercial support but offering outstanding client service that matches our own.

The strength you need

We believe that working with local independent law firms is better for our clients than relying on the satellite office of an international organisation. We invest heavily in getting to know leading independent law firms throughout the world. Our lawyers regularly travel overseas to establish and maintain relationships, and many have the benefit of secondments with foreign law firms, providing an even deeper insight into the strengths and specialisms of our network. In certain key jurisdictions we are working with selected relationship firms to establish common service standards and develop training programmes for both staff and clients.

In jurisdictions where we have most demand from clients we have developed a series of international desks. Manned by partners with specialist regional knowledge and experience the desks provide a detailed insight into issues clients are likely to meet and provide a direct link to a network of support on the ground in that jurisdiction.

Our message

We are fiercely ambitious to succeed for our clients both in the UK and on all international matters. Whether it is ensuring that existing clients have the best possible support overseas or whether acting for international clients wishing to invest in the UK we will provide the highest level of support to meet their needs.

Our international work includes advising:

  • AmSurg Corp, the largest US healthcare business listed on NASDAQ, on its launch in the UK and in relation to various joint ventures with leading foundation trusts
  • Cheung Kong Infrastructure Holdings Limited (the largest Hong Kong Listed entity) on its sale of Cambridge Water plc, which allowed CKI to then launch a £4 billion takeover offer for Northumbrian Water Group plc
  • Starbev Group on a European wide restructuring, implemented through a series of statutory mergers, de-listings and other capital reorganisations across 7 European jurisdictions; this work followed the $2.23 billion acquisition of the Starbev Group by CVC Capital Partners
  • New York Stock Exchange listed Elster Group GmbH, one of the world's largest electricity, gas and water measurement and control providers, in relation to a £856m reorganization and restructuring of some of its European business operations
  • the management team of The Weetabix Food Company on a major investment from Bright Food, one of China’s leading food groups, which acquired 60% of the share capital of Weetabix for an enterprise value of £1.2 billion; the remaining 40% of shares will continue to be held by management and Lion Capital, the private equity firm
  • the UK Higher Education International Unit on the Science without Borders UK contract, which involves up to 10,000 students studying at over 100 selected UK universities and higher education institutions over the next four years


Terry Gould, Head of International