Botanic House

After more than 23 years of life in Francis House we have relocated our Cambridge office to the iconic Botanic HouseBotanic House.

Botanic House provides an inspiring working environment for the firm’s growing workforce, more than 300 of which are based in the city, and our clients. The distinctive lens-shaped building enjoys stunning views of Cambridge University’s Botanic Garden and the city skyline.

We have leased the entire 52,000 square feet and are sub-letting some of the space. Accountants KPMG are already confirmed as our new neighbours and will be occupying the fourth floor.

Botanic House, which is the first speculative office development in Cambridge for over 20 years, represents the first phase of an ambitious development, with planning consent for further commercial, retail and residential space.

Botanic House reception


Botanic House is just 100 metres along Hills Road from our previous office Francis House so is accessible using the same transport links. Indeed, if you are coming by train, Botanic House is even closer to Cambridge railway station, and you will be able to see the office as you walk up Station Road towards Hills Road.

If you are travelling from nearby, the Stagecoach citi 1, 7 and 8 bus services stop along Hills Road and the citi 3 service at Cambridge railway station, which is just a five minute walk from Botanic House. The Cambridgeshire Guided Busway, which links Cambridge to St Ives and Huntingdon also stops at the railway station.


Meeting room in Botanic House

Car parking is available at Botanic House for all visitors. If you are attending a seminar or other event, you will be asked if you require a parking space when you confirm your place. If you are attending for a meeting then please make sure you let the meeting organiser know if you need a car parking space.

There is also parking provision for motorcycles, moped and bicycles, which does not need to be booked in advance.