Corporate tax

Our aim is to help you pursue your commercial goals in a tax efficient way. Our experienced corporate tax lawyers identify, explain and resolve the inevitable tax issues that arise on most business transactions. We’ve seen most of these issues before and know the solutions that work, both on paper and in practice.

Helping you to manage tax issues and reduce tax costs in your business transactions

Handling the tax aspects of a transaction is about risk management, reducing costs, building shareholder value and rewarding effort and enterprise. To help you achieve these objectives in your business transactions, our role is to identify, explain and resolve:

  • Identify – our specialist knowledge allows us to identify the key tax issues in any transaction or business situation
  • Explain – we pride ourselves on our ability to explain complex issues in straightforward terms
  • Resolve – we assess whether there is a practical way to achieve your commercial objectives at a lower tax cost or reduced tax risk

In doing this, we will never sell you tax avoidance products or schemes, but will always tailor our tax services to your commercial objectives and never lose sight of the virtue of common sense.

Our tax lawyers

We offer a team of specialist corporate tax lawyers led by Kevin Lowe who is also a chartered tax adviser.

What our clients and others say about us

  • At Mills & Reeve LLP ‘the overall service is of excellent quality and the advice is first rate, practical and easily understandable’.