Crisis management

Whatever the nature of a crisis, businesses in today’s media-led environment need immediate experienced support and practical ongoing advice to protect reputation, financial stability and secure strategic objectives. Often the initial reaction is crucial and what you do at this point may have a significant bearing on the outcome.

A crisis can hit in many different forms and when you least expect it. It has no respect for your daily operations or usual working hours. Your initial response will determine if you weather the storm and keep your strategic goals on track or if you get blown off course. With immediate access to a breadth of expertise, our lawyers will help evaluate the scale of the problem and plan your initial response.

Our support and experience

  • Immediate access to specialist legal advice
  • A tailored approach with expert input, whatever the issue
  • A vast knowledge base and years of experience 
  • National reach across our network of offices
  • We operate and provide crisis services to all of the sectors that we specialise in - see the links to the left of this page

Recent examples of our work

  • Advising the trustees of a large charity in response to enforcement action by the Charity Commission and substantial media criticism
  • Successfully defending injunction proceedings for misuse of confidential information following the recruitment of a team of people from a commercial competitor
  • Attending an emergency response meeting at a client’s premises to plan a response to a major asbestos exposure on the day of discovery and manage the public PR response
  • Obtaining an urgent court order tracing money fraudulently transferred by an employee into a foreign bank account
  • Assisting a leading cardio thoracic unit to manage the immediate and long term consequences of defective medical devices
  • Representing a university in relation to the accidental and unencrypted disclosure of highly sensitive personal data

Crisis prevention

Often our clients find that our crisis prevention services can identify potential areas for review and, in a number of cases, these have identified areas for concern before they have become a crisis. We can also ensure that, should the worst happen, you have a well-structured plan that can kick into action.

Get in touch

For existing clients, please contact your client partner. For new enquiries or to discuss our range of Crisis Management services further please contacts our lawyers listed on the right hand side of the page.