Employment law podcasts

Our specialist employment lawyers discuss the latest legal developments and employment issues. 

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Episode 13: Giving and receiving references: three key developments

October 2018
In this episode we will be discussing employment references. In particular, we will be looking at two cases where an employee gave a false reference as well as an employer giving an unfavourable reference to his former colleague. We will also look at data protection and how the new GDPR regulation may affect employment references.


Episode 12: Employees going through the menopause, the legal issues and how employers can support women in the workforce

May 2018
In our latest episode, Jog Hundle talks about the implications of employees going through the menopause, the legal issues and some top tips on how employers can support women in the workforce.


Episode 11: How will GDPR affect HR? 

January 2018
In this episode, Anne Adamson talks to Charles Pigott to find out how will GDPR affect the HR Function? Does HR need to be worried about the changes? 


Episode 10: New whistleblowing guidance from judiciary

June 2017
In this month’s podcast we discuss a recent Court of Appeal decision which illustrates why challenging whistleblowers’ behaviour as colleagues can present problems for employers.


Episode 9: Understanding indirect discrimination

May 2017
In this month’s podcast, we assess the practical implications of the recent Supreme Court decision about the potentially discriminatory impact of promotion assessments and service-related pay.


Episode 8: Ending the employment relationship by written notice

April 2017
Following the latest decision on this issue from the Court of Appeal, we discuss when written notice terminating an employment contract takes effect, if it is not handed to the employee personally. Can it take effect simply by being delivered to the employee’s home address, or is it necessary for the employee have to actually read it before the notice period starts to run?


Episode 7: Where are we now on holiday pay?

March 2017
Following the Supreme Court’s decision in February 2017 to refuse British Gas permission to appeal from last year’s Court of Appeal judgment, we thought it would be a good time to take stock of holiday pay generally. What has now been decided about the calculation of holiday pay under the Working Time Regulations, and what are the remaining areas of uncertainty?.


Episode 6: Gig economy and the “right to disconnect”

February 2017
We round up the latest news on the gig economy. We also look at the “right to disconnect” which was introduced in France last at the beginning of 2017, and consider whether it will catch on in the UK.


Episode 5: Two themes for 2017 - Brexit and religion

January 2017
In our first employment podcast of 2017 we look at two themes which we think will be prominent throughout 2017: the impact of Brexit on employers, and our growing understanding of what the law against religious discrimination means in the workplace.


Episode 4: Rest breaks and breastfeeding mothers

December 2016
We focus on two health and safety issues. We look at what employers should do to make sure their workers can take their daily rest breaks, and explore their obligations towards mothers returning from maternity leave while they are still breastfeeding


Episode 3: Uber drivers and the ASDA equal pay litigation

November 2016
This month’s employment update from Mills & Reeve explores the implications of October’s employment tribunal decision involving Uber drivers. We also cover the latest decision in the ASDA equal pay litigation and assess what this could mean for the food retail sector.


Episode 2: Employment law after Brexit and reasonable adjustments

October 2016
We look at what we have recently learned about the future of EU-derived employment law after Brexit. We also look at an important new case from the Employment Appeal Tribunal on an employer’s duty under the Equality Act to make reasonable adjustments.


Episode 1: Termination payments and gender pay reporting

September 2016
We explore the revised plans to change the tax treatment of termination payments. We also look at the latest news about extending compulsory gender pay reporting to the public sector.