How many training contract places do you offer each year?

19 – 8 in Cambridge, 4 in Birmingham, 4 in Norwich and 3 in Manchester

Is a law degree important?

Around 35 per cent of our lawyers are non-law students. We’re particularly interested in people who have studied an analytical degree such as English, history or an area related to our areas of work (eg, biology, environmental science). However, if you can demonstrate a high level of achievement in any subject, combined with a commitment to the law and the right personality, we will view your application with an open mind.

Do you recruit mature applicants?

Yes, we often recruit mature applicants. We are particularly interested in applicants who are embarking on a second career after a career in industry or an area of work where we practice.

I have a 2:2. Is it worth my while applying?

We require a 2:1 degree level and a minimum of 3 B grades (300 UCAS points) at 'A' level.  We do not, however, automatically filter out applications which do not reach this criteria.  If you feel there is something else you can offer to make your application stand out, there is space on the form to let us know and we will, of course, consider it.  You should be aware that competition is extremely high and we do receive high numbers of applications from candidates who have reached the required criteria.

What do you look for when recruiting trainees?

We look for people who have the potential to develop into our solicitors of the future. You need excellent interpersonal skills, academic ability, confidence, maturity, commercial awareness, a sense of humour and the ability to draft professional documents. During the two-year training contract we will develop your skills as required. We don’t expect you to be perfect straight away.

Who can apply for the summer placement scheme?

Penultimate year law students, final year non-law students, graduates and those considering a change of career.  In fact we welcome anyone who fits our criteria and is interested in starting a training contract in two years’ time.

How much choice would I get in where to sit?

Allocating seats is a balancing act between the needs of our business and the preferences of our trainees. However, with approximately 20 different areas where you can do seats, there’s likely to be something that meets your preferences.

How many seats will I have?

Six seats, each lasting four months.

Which LPC providers do you recommend?

We are happy for you to complete your education at a provider of your choice although we do prefer you to take electives that are relevant to our practice areas.

Do you keep in touch with trainees who you have recruited but haven't joined the firm yet?

Both the graduate recruitment team and the current trainees like to keep in contact with future recruits. We will often see them at university fairs. There is also a lunch at Christmas for all the trainees who are starting the following September – enabling you to get to know each other.

How many trainees stay after qualification?

We invest a considerable amount of money in recruiting and developing our trainees. We want as many of them to stay as possible and a high proportion stay on with us after qualification.

Do trainees socialise outside work?

Our culture is very friendly and trainees often socialise together. Events include restaurant or cinema visits, the annual Trainee Solicitors Ball and sporting activities such as tennis, football, cricket, hockey and rounders.

What sponsorship do you offer?

We provide sponsorship for the LPC and GDL. We also provide a maintenance grant for each year of study.

How much will I get paid?

The current salary for first year trainees is £26,500 a year. The current salary for second year trainees is £28,000 a year.

Closing dates for applications

  • Summer placements - 31 January 2019
  • 2021 training contracts - 31 July 2019


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