Policy, public law and disputes

The interrelationships between providers, commissioners, service users (and the legal structures binding them) have tensions built in. Disputes are not rare. We work hard to avoid litigation but, when disputes are unavoidable, we get you the right result.

In a constantly changing sector you need to innovate and change. We will help minimise legal and operational risks and deal with disputes quickly so that you can focus on delivering innovative, high quality care.

Our experience

We can help you with:

  • Contract disputes between NHS providers and commissioners
  • Commissioning and funding – helping you collaborate, co-commission and make sure liabilities are fairly apportioned (eg in CHC funding disputes) 
  • Producing policies that withstand challenges 
  • Defending decisions at judicial review 
  • Public consultations/service reconfigurations that are robust to challenge 
  • Inquests
  • The processing of Individual Funding Requests and on the development of robust IFR policies to withstand challenge based on the current case law

What our clients and others say about us

"short response times… great knowledge" - Legal 500, 2014

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