Ian Mayers

Position: Consultant
Phone: +(44)(0)1603 693229
Fax: +(44)(0)1603 611988

What can I do for you?

I have been specialising in regulatory matters (especially health and safety) for over 25 years. This means that I am well placed to assist you with problems involving the criminal law, but only in a commercial context.

As an experienced advocate, I regularly represent clients in the magistrates’, and county courts, in the High Court and at various tribunals as well as at inquests. I therefore provide a one-stop service. Statutory regulators also instruct me to represent them in enforcement proceedings.

Supporting my clients’ aims.

I get great satisfaction from being able to successfully support my clients when they are concerned because they are under threat of prosecution.

In one recent case, I accompanied a director and a senior manager to PACE interviews being conducted by the Health and Safety Executive. The clients said that they felt comforted attending with someone who knew the ropes and who was familiar with their business. The company was subsequently prosecuted for a number of health and safety breaches, but I was able to personally represent them in court, putting forward strong mitigation on their behalf. They were delighted that we were able to keep the case in the lower court and that the fines imposed were only approximately one third of the maximum.

What do others say?

 In 2009, Legal 500 (quoting my clients) said that our regulatory practice is “‘responsive, practical and client-focused’, and gives ‘good, clear, robust advice’ on investigations ranging from noise complaints to fatal accidents. Policy advice is greatly valued by corporate clients.”