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Our food and agribusiness law blog offers you regular updates on the latest legal and policy decisions affecting the food and agribusiness industry.


    Food & Agri Update - 22 September

    The Great Green Row-Back by Rishi - What does it mean for food and agri businesses? We look at areas such as data, emissions, waste, packaging, meat tax and logistics. Loyalty schemes and unit pricing is investigated by Which? and referred (again) to the Competition and Markets Authority. Precision Breeding Bill reviewed by the Food Standards Agency and a two tier risk assessment proposed. Socially Responsible advertising - Will your ads be compliant? Latest ASA rulings look at unhealthy models, alcohol advertising and context where ads are placed by third parties and algorithmically. Finally, The Portman Group steps in against 'flagrant' socially irresponsible packaging.
    14 min read

    Food and Agri Update - Friday 15 September

    Food Standards Agency provides updated guidance on allergens. Protein drinks advised to update warnings after latest fatality. FSA publishes board papers including on genetic precision and incidents over the last year. ASA adjudications look at what is an ad? what is involved in a commercial relationship? Do freebies count? Viva gets complaints upheld that ad caused unjustified offence and was inappropriately targeted. Finally, Westminster Forum and data transparency in the food supply chain - latest update is that Food Data Transparency Partnership info and data provision will be voluntary for business as supported by M&R speaker at the event, Jessica Burt.
    12 min read

    'Shrinkflation,' Class Actions and Misrepresentation

    Whilst ads would wish to portray the food products in the best possible light they must not misrepresent the quantity or ingredients of those products without being considered misleading. This is brought home by a series of class actions in the US alleging that ads make food products look bigger than they actually are would be false advertising so blatant that it amounts to breach of contract. Could this happen in the UK?
    3 min read

    'Ultra Processed' Foods and Statistics

    Ultra processed foods (UPF) have been in the news lately with dire warnings that, apart from the levels of fat, salt and sugar, the processing and use of artificial ingredients itself can cause health issues to consumers. But what were the Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition (SACN's) findings on this?
    2 min read

    PFAS or 'Forever Chemicals' - the next liability issue?

    PFAS are widely used as they provide a non-stick barrier to fat and water. The compounds are widely used in takeaway food packaging, microwavable bags, kitchen utensils, and cookware. Human exposure to PFAS from the environment and through dietary sources has been highlighted in media in recent years. The latest science has found PFAS in plant based straws illustrating the potential for environmental and health issues for plant based alternatives to single use plastics. 
    3 min read

    Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) – new Report Packaging Data (RPD) service launched

    Defra has launched a new Report Packaging Data (RPD) service.  It has also launched a consultation with industry into the “clarity and operability” of the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) scheme. This month it was also reported EPR for packaging fees have been deferred for 1 year. However, whilst the fees have been delayed, the data collection requirements are still currently set to come into force as planned.
    2 min read

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