Kevin Lowe

Position: Partner
Phone: +(44)(0)121 456 8382
Fax: 01212003028

What can I do for you?

Tax is complex and touches every business and every transaction. My job is to help you understand the tax issues that affect your transaction or business and, where commercial and practical, to structure each situation so as to minimise your tax liabilities.

I can help you with merger and acquisition transactions, reorganisations, outsourcing, setting up in the UK, international transactions, VAT advice, HR tax and tax advice for management shareholders. In doing this type of work, the key is finding something that works, not just on paper but on the ground too.

Supporting my clients’ ambitions

Structuring transactions to achieve the optimum tax result for clients while working within the confines of the commercial deal, and what is practical, is what I spend a large portion of my time doing.

For example, employees or directors buying or selling shares in the company they work for have to be particularly careful to avoid unexpected tax charges. This is particularly the case where they are paying or being paid a different price to others, or are taking an element of deferred consideration or earn-out.

Another example would be a public sector health or education client, looking to outsource activities to the private sector. Unless proper care is taken in the structuring, VAT can create an unexpected additional level of cost and may make the project uneconomic.

What do others say?

Chambers UK's 2012 survey of clients and competitors describes me as "the lead corporate tax practitioner in the region", and says that clients consider me "a delight to work with", with a "very responsive and accommodating” manner.

However, in a complex area like tax, the best testimonial I've had was from a US client who simply called me "the first damn tax guy I've ever been able to understand!"

What else should you know?

Experience really matters in this area. I’ve been doing this sort of work for over 20 years so have seen most situations, or something similar, before.

I am a member of the Chartered Institute of Taxation. Why does that matter to you? The qualification is notoriously difficult to get, so you know that I must have a pretty decent level of technical ability!