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Social media

Follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn for updates and commentary on the latest legal news and events.

Mills & Reeve
firm account

Mills and Reeve Twitter Account

Our main Twitter account
for Mills & Reeve LLP.

Mills & Reeve
company page

Mills & Reeve on LinkedIn

Our LinkedIn page for Mills & Reeve LLP.

Mills & Reeve
Alumni twitter

Our alumni Twitter account
for Mills & Reeve.

Family law
and divorce

Divorce UK Twitter Account

Our team of Mills & Reeve family and divorce lawyers on Twitter.

Sports law

Mills and Reeve Sports law

Our team of Mills & Reeve sport lawyers on Twitter.



Our team of Mills & Reeve technology lawyers on Twitter.

LinkedIn Sports
law group

 A group for professionals
to discuss views
and opinions surrounding
        sports law.        


Exciting Disruptors


Our team of
Mills & Reeve real estate lawyers identifying new trends affecting the industry.         


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Firm - YouTube Channel


Our collection of corporate and sector videos can be found on
Mills & Reeve's Youtube channel 


Divorce UK - YouTube Channel

 Divorce UK YouTube Channel

The aim of our Divorce UK YouTube channel is to work alongside 
our website to help those going through, or considering,
a divorce or separation to understand some of the challenges. 


Divorce UK - Vimeo Channel

Divorce UK Vimeo Channel


Our divorce advice videos can also be found on our 
Divorce UK Vimeo channel.


Health and care inquests - Vimeo channel



Our inquests videos aim to support you when dealing
with health and care inquests from start to finish.



Employment podcast


Our specialist employment lawyers are making
highlights of our employment newsletter available as a podcast
recording. You can listen here or access the recordings through
the SoundCloud app available on iOS and Android.

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Sports Score
Our sports law blog offers you current, relevant and practical commentary relating to current legal events in the sports industry. The blogs are written by our specialist sport lawyers with a strong foundation on providing clients with a wealth of experience and a personal and engaging approach.

Life Science law blog   Life Science Law blog
Written by our senior lawyers, the life science law blog will bring together the latest legal updates and policy decisions affecting the life science sector.

Health and Care Update
Our health and care blog offers concise analysis and comment on legal, policy and commercial issues for the NHS and independent sector.
Health and Care Update

  Charity Legal Update
Up to date news on the latest legal and policy decisions affecting the charity sector. The charity law blog is written by our team of specialist charity lawyers.

Practical Completion
Our construction law blog provides useful and regular snippets of information on legal issues affecting the construction and engineering industry. It is aimed at all those working or otherwise interested in the industry.
  Practical Completion Construction Law Blog

Naked Law Technology Blog   Technology Law Update
Updates, opinions and the latest UK technology law news in a blog by our technology lawyers.

Bringing together the latest public, private and charity law news for the education sector in our education law blog. The blog posts are written by senior lawyers in our leading education practice.
Fusion: education law blog

  Plan-it Law
Our planning and development law blog is written by our planning lawyers and discusses the latest legal and policy developments relating to planning.

HR Law Live
Our employment law blog written by our team of specialist employment lawyers, with regular commentary on the latest legal and policy updates in the human resources sector.
  HR Law Live Blog

Procurement Portal Blog   Procurement Portal
Our procurement law blog provides news and updates on issues related to purchasing goods and services on behalf of public bodies in England and Wales.

Divorce Law Blog
Our divorce law blog offers you commentary, news and insights directly from our top team of divorce lawyers discussing issues that may be affecting you or that you should consider.
 Divorce law blog

  Property Matters
Our real estate law blog offers you regular updates and commentary on the latest legal news in the ever changing world of real estate. 

Food and agribusiness Law Blog
Our food and agribusiness law blog offers the latest updates on issues related to legal and policy decisions affecting the food and agribusiness industry.


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Information portals

Cohabitation Law
Our website is aimed at helping couples that are living together manage their cohabitation agreements, finances and more.

dialogue client extranet   dialogue
Our extranet service for clients, offering information on individual client matters, legal fees and work in progress, as well as legal know-how, contact information, document sharing and more.
Our website is aimed at helping families manage their way through marriage breakdown, separation and divorce.

Procurement Portal   Procurement Portal
Our Procurement Portal is an online resource for everyone involved in purchasing goods and services on behalf of public bodies in England and Wales. The site explains the implications of the EU procurement rules that apply to public sector purchasing.

Healthcare Resource Centre
Our Healthcare Resource Centre is an online library of briefings and links for lawyers and managers working in the NHS. This service is free to all Mills & Reeve clients and their employees.
 Healthcare resource centre

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Information pages


Exciting Disruptors
Our exciting disruptors campaign identifies new and emerging trends affecting the real estate industry today and in the future.


Defying Gravity
This thought leadership campaign reveals what UK MSB leaders told us about their growth and investment plans, international expansion strategies and innovation priorities during an age of uncertainty.

  Full Scale Ahead 
Our thought leadership campaign, Full Scale Ahead, explores the challenges the owners of medium sized businesses face when deciding how to grow. 

Technology Hub
We act for technology businesses from start-ups to major players. The Technology hub provides you with a wealth of valuable resources which you can download and tap into.

  Personal legal toolkit
Our legal toolkit offers a collection of straightforward guidance notes to help you with your personal legal needs.

Brexit landing page
Our dedicated Brexit landing page. A one-stop shop for all you need to know about Brexit.

Reevaldo provides an interactive and accessible overview of the complex legal, commercial and regulatory issues that clubs, footballers, and industry stakeholders face on a regular basis.

Health and care inquests support page
Our dedicated inquest support page provides you with a wealth of valuable content for you to download. 

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Online resources