Working in London

Insights from Helen Burnell, an associate working in our London office:

How would you describe the culture of your office?

Eclectic, relaxed and full of humour. It is a hub for other offices and those attending meetings/presenting seminars from all other offices attend frequently. It has the feel of a meeting place for Mills & Reeve.

What is the actual office like as a place to work in?

It is a comfortable, open plan space. We have modern facilities and are very close to the attractions of Leadenhall market and city shopping!  

What kind of hours do you work?

45-55 hours a week on average.

How long does it take you to get into work?

45 minutes

What kind of social life do you enjoy with your colleagues?

Our office is notorious for impromptu after work drinks, which people attend when they can, and we are a very chatty group when meeting people in communal areas.

What the best thing about working in London?

London. It is a world centre for culture, arts, shopping and career (in no particular order).

What local bars and restaurants do you recommend?

The Royal Exchange, Haz, Davy's bar, Bertorelli's.

What else is there to do in London?

See above. What is there not to do?

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