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As Brexit negotiations with the EU continue, pressure on the Government grows to secure an early transitional agreement. But what would it look like, and what happens if we don’t get one?
15 November 2017
Brexit negotiations have finally started - is a smooth transition possible?
20 June 2017
What does the recent decision in Montgomery mean for doctors and consent to treatment?
13 June 2017
We discuss the implications of the recent Scottish Independent Review of the use, safety and efficacy of transvaginal mesh implants in the treatment of stress urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse in women.
30 March 2017
Following last week’s article on how Sustainability and Transformation Plans have become part of the regulatory framework for providers, this article by Mills & Reeve partner Tim Winn describes the other parts of exoskeleton and explains how they can be used to help NHS commissioners and providers to “do the right thing” in supporting their local STPs.
13 March 2017
With the imminent announcement about progress and next steps for the STPs, this article looks at how NHS Improvement’s regulatory framework for providers can be used to help local leaders to “do the right thing”.
06 March 2017
Over the past four weeks we have finally received some degree of both political and legal clarification on what Brexit might mean.
07 February 2017
In R (Ferreira) v HM Senior Coroner for Inner South London & Ors the Court of Appeal has decided that a coroner was correct in his original decision that no jury was required for an inquest into the death of an incapacitated patient who died while she was in intensive care.
06 February 2017
This time last year Mazars report into Southern Health was published.
19 December 2016
We discuss the merits of multispecialty community providers.
23 November 2016
There has been a flurry of activity about 44 Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs) which have been leaked already or which are about to be published. The STPs across the country contain various proposals many of which are likely to be controversial so it is of vital importance that patient and public engagement is properly understood by all the constituent parts of the STP.
21 November 2016
The final building blocks are almost in place for the launch of the apprenticeship levy in April next year. In this briefing we answer some of the frequently asked questions about how the new levy will work.
04 November 2016
The decision in Parker v Information Commissioner should be welcome news for public bodies.
02 November 2016
Do you know how to manage mixed data cases? A recent GMC fitness to practise case highlights the difficult balancing exercise data controllers face when trying to manage the competing privacy rights of a patient and doctor.
05 October 2016
The Chief Coroner’s third and final annual report has just been published. In the report, Peter Thornton QC assesses the state of the coroner service during his term of office and sets out his recommendations for the future.
21 September 2016
Results: 1-15 of 344
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Publications and updates
Publications and updates