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Now that political agreement has been reached on the divorce terms and a transitional period, negotiating teams on both sides of the Channel are turning their attention to the new relationship. In this briefing we explore some of the key issues they will need to address in the coming months.
24 April 2018
At the latest EU summit, political agreement was reached on the terms of a transition period after Brexit. This will preserve the current trading relationship until 31 December 2020.
28 March 2018
What does the Government response to the Naylor review on NHS property mean for Foundations Trusts, NHS Trusts and CCGs?
28 February 2018
A look at the Inquiry into Hyponatraemia-related Deaths and its many recommendations.
27 February 2018
It is three months since NHS Improvement last updated the Single Oversight Framework, so what difference has it made? And what about these new rules that will apply to Trusts' and Foundation Trusts' subsidiaries and joint ventures from April?
26 February 2018
Last week marked the 5th anniversary of the publication of Robert Francis’ report into Mid Staffordshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. On 8 February 2018 Dr Bill Kirkup’s report into Liverpool Community Health NHS Trust (LCH) was published.

Read our key points on the report.
12 February 2018
As Brexit negotiations with the EU continue, pressure on the Government grows to secure an early transitional agreement. But what would it look like, and what happens if we don’t get one?
15 November 2017
Brexit negotiations have finally started - is a smooth transition possible?
20 June 2017
What does the recent decision in Montgomery mean for doctors and consent to treatment?
13 June 2017
We discuss the implications of the recent Scottish Independent Review of the use, safety and efficacy of transvaginal mesh implants in the treatment of stress urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse in women.
30 March 2017
Following last week’s article on how Sustainability and Transformation Plans have become part of the regulatory framework for providers, this article by Mills & Reeve partner Tim Winn describes the other parts of exoskeleton and explains how they can be used to help NHS commissioners and providers to “do the right thing” in supporting their local STPs.
13 March 2017
With the imminent announcement about progress and next steps for the STPs, this article looks at how NHS Improvement’s regulatory framework for providers can be used to help local leaders to “do the right thing”.
06 March 2017
Over the past four weeks we have finally received some degree of both political and legal clarification on what Brexit might mean.
07 February 2017
In R (Ferreira) v HM Senior Coroner for Inner South London & Ors the Court of Appeal has decided that a coroner was correct in his original decision that no jury was required for an inquest into the death of an incapacitated patient who died while she was in intensive care.
06 February 2017
This time last year Mazars report into Southern Health was published.
19 December 2016
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Publications and updates
Publications and updates