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After the Supreme Court’s ruling in Warner-Lambert v Generics, clinicians and pharmacists can breathe a sigh of relief that they will not be personally exposed to patent litigation.
10 December 2018
We live and work in a global marketplace, taking for granted the ability to trade across borders to get the things we want for a price which is competitive. Despite this very global outlook, we find ourselves in the middle of a political whirlwind which may have the effect of removing this ease of access due to a more protectionist approach to trade.
06 December 2018
With effect from 29 October 2018, the rules for entrepreneurs’ relief changed and the implications of these changes are potentially more far reaching that you may have first thought, particularly if you hold shares in a company that has different classes of shares.
26 November 2018
At this pivotal moment in the Brexit process, we take stock of the main issues UK businesses are facing.
19 November 2018
The continued uncertainty as to the form of any "deal" between the UK and the EU or indeed whether the UK and the EU will reach a "deal" has meant that many businesses have postponed taking steps to assess the potential supply chain impact of Brexit.
12 November 2018

Publications and updates
Publications and updates