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We pull out some of the important findings from Professor Sir Simon Wessely’s independent review of the Mental Health Act 1983.
14 January 2019
We select our top 10 employment law themes of 2018 and make our related predictions for the year ahead.
09 January 2019
The Commission has published its outcome report following its review of the assessment of charitable status for organisations that use or promote complementary or alternative medicine therapies, revealing a significant change in its approach.
07 January 2019
The ramifications of a no-deal Brexit have been discussed in forensic detail and at Methusela-esque length - yet, to date, the impact of total EU severance on autonomous vehicles hasn't got a look in.  Read Ruth Andrew's take in the latest issue of the Institute of the Motor Industry's publication.
4 January 2019
What presence, if any, should companies considering investing in China have in the country. This is the first in a series of updates that will introduce the main business entities available to foreigners investing in China...
2 January 2019

Publications and updates
Publications and updates