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Welcome to our Health Broadcast Centre. Here you will find broadcast files on topics of interest to anyone involved in the healthcare sector, including important items for discussion as well as legal updates and training packages. We will be adding further video and audio content, so be sure to pop back from time to time to keep up to date.

Guidance on the Court of Protection and acting in the best interests of a patient or child

There are times when difficult decisions have to be made for adult patients who lack capacity to make a decision about their own care or for children whose family disagrees with a treatment decision. We have created a series of videos and other guidance designed to help you understand the procedures, who might be involved and what you can do to make sure the process runs as smoothly as possible. Follow the link below to view interviews with a range of experts who offer practical advice and information about best interests decisions.

> Visit our video and guidance page focused on best interests decisions

Visit our best interests guidance page

Mental health 2012 and beyond

A conference hosted by Mills & Reeve at the King's Fund on 12 March 2012.

Delegates listened to, and took part in, a lively debate on the aspirations of those charged with the delivery and commissioning of mental health care in the next few years, as well as the issues and challenges facing them.

Our key speakers had plenty of interesting things to say and some key messages. You can listen to them below.

Nigel Edwards: Senior Fellow, The King's Fund
Nigel outlines the key themes to emerge from the conference and sets out the problems and issues going forward.

Watch the video below or view Nigel Edwards's commentary in a new window.


Professor Mike Cooke CBE: Chief Executive, Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust
Mike tells Mills & Reeve whether he sees CCGs as a threat or an opportunity when it comes to the delivery of mental health care and how the trust is tackling the QIPP agenda.

Watch the video below or view Professor Mike Cooke's commentary in a new window


Adrian Canale-Parola: Chairman, Rugby Clinical Commissioning Group
As an advocate for the benefit to the NHS from the development of CCGs and the role of GPs in commissioning, Adrian explains to Mills & Reeve how GPs can best tackle the issue of commissioning mental healthcare. 

Watch the video below or view Adrian Canale-Parola's video in a new window.


Steve Shrubb: Director, NHS Confederation's Mental Health Network
Steve sets out his hopes for and the challenges in delivering "No health without mental health" in practice. How can we turn the policy of an integrated approach to mental and physical health into a reality? 

Watch the video below or view Steve Shrubb's commentary in a new window.

Andy Bell: Deputy Chief Executive, Centre for Mental Health
Andy explains how he sees early intervention to improve life chances working in practice in times of financial restraint.

Watch the video below or view Andy Bell's commentary in a new window.


Dr Quazi Haque: Group Medical Director, Partnerships in Care
How do you measure success and quality in the delivery of better mental healthcare? Quazi provides a view from the independent sector during this period of change.

Watch the video below or view Dr Quazi Haque's commentary in a new window


Eddie West-Burnham: Chief Executive, West Norfolk MIND
Is reform a threat to the voluntary sector? What role will the voluntary sector play in mental health services? Eddie explains how he hopes it can integrate into the care pathway.

Watch the video below or view Eddie West-Burnham's commentary in a new window.  





Views from the delegates
Delegates at the event share their personal perspectives on the major issues facing providers and commissioners in the next few years.

Watch the video below or view delegates' commentary in a new window.

Video archive

Click on the links below to view video footage on other topics of interest.

> Corporate responsibility – 2011
Our health group get on their bikes, climb mountains and swing from the trees in aid of leukaemia and lymphoma research.

> Health and Social Care Bill – impact of the NHS reforms – January 2011
On 28 January 2011, our health group hosted a lively question and answer session with Andrew Lansley, Secretary of State for Health and our clients and contacts in the health sector. With the recent publication of the Health and Social Care Bill, discussions focussed on the implications and potential impact of the NHS reforms on GP consortia, foundation and community trusts and the independent sector. Listen here to the key points and issues raised by delegates following interviews with Sandy Barton, health correspondent – not to be missed by anyone interested and involved in healthcare.

> King's Fund event – October 2010
As part of our associate corporate partnership programme with the King’s Fund, we jointly hosted a lively policy discussion for our clients and contacts in the health sector on Monday 11 October 2010. Listen here to some of the key points and issues raised.

> Corporate responsibility – 2010
Dawn Brathwaite, partner in our health team, talks about corporate responsibility.