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Our food and agribusiness law blog offers you regular updates on the latest legal and policy decisions affecting the food and agribusiness industry.


    Food & Agri Update - 7 June

    World Food Safety Day! Are you prepared if a food safety incident occurs? E coli spike in cases, are you products at risk? Mondelez competition fine. CMA complaint over 'responsibly sourced'. Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive adopted in EU. McDonalds EU big Mac trade mark not extended to poultry. Is there divergence EU/UK in approach to defined dairy names? Oatly get Post Milk Generation approval. Animal welfare high on election agenda and 5 step welfare classification proposed in France, fois gras to be banned in UK if Labour win election. Finally Farming Recovery Fund expanded and Environment Agency held to have applied correct Farming Rules for Water regs.
    17 min read

    Food & Agri Update - 24 May 2024

    Election announcement special! The Digital Markets, Competition & Consumer Protection Bill passes in 'wash up', a look at ultra processed foods hashtag#upfs, the CMA and its powers, Sustainable Farming Initiatives. Co-op linking sustainability targets to credit, regulated food approval via international cooperation... but how international?! MSM meat guidance expected to impact poultry producers, live animal export banned, extended producer responsibility data deadline reminder. Choking hazards in food a look at key risk assessment parameters, compliance with enforcement 'requests' and ASA rulings review - make sure you hashtag#ad, get your Ts & C's clearly outlined and don't mislead on your reviews
    12 min read

    New guidance and increased ASA scrutiny of sustainability and environmental claims in food and agriculture adverts planned for summer 2024.

    The ASA plans to start proactive monitoring of food & beverage adverts for misleading sustainability claims this summer. New guidance on key issues affecting food and agriculture is also planned. This is likely to include claims such as "regenerative farming", "biodegradable", environmental credentials of plant-based alternatives and natural/fresh imagery as implied environmental claims
    4 min read

    Food and Agri Update - Friday 17 May

    ummary overview of the 2nd annual Downing Street food summit, grants & support, EU and CAP, CMA report on retailer pricing in groceries sector, ASA continues focus on green claims and will be using AI to proactively monitor, plus podcast guidance due and new rules on alcohol alternatives, at or below 0.5% abv. ASA rulings on denigrating competitors and claims to treat a disease... 'Hangcure' anyone? FSA looks at ultra processed foods and adult allergens with a focus on plant based allergens. Finally, food fraud - is your internal risk assessment and supply chain robust enough?
    10 min read

    EU 'Breakfast Directives': How do you like your honey/jam/fruit juice/milk in the Morning?

    New labelling requirements will be coming for the so-called EU ‘Breakfast Directives’: Labelling of Honey, jam, fruit juice and Milk are to be affected. Key changes will be a much more onerous obligation to list origin for honey blends, the adaption of a reduced-sugar fruit juice category and changes to the minimum fruit composition for jams.
    4 min read

    Is your supply chain at risk? Virus Update & Key Recommendations

    There have been 2 updates on virus in cattle in recent weeks, with bird flu being found in cattle in the US for the first time and an update on Bluetongue in the UK.  It is recommended that all livestock producers and those involved in the supply chain keep abreast of regulatory updates and put in place precautionary measures where applicable according to a risk assessment as well as having a fully prepared crisis management plan. Key points are provided in the blog.
    5 min read

    Food and Agri Update - 7 May

    Wine Reforms - next stage of developments being consulted on. Corporate Sustainability 'Due Diligence' Directive passed by EU Parliament. Bird Flu (again) but this time in cattle in America with inactive virus found in grocery store milk. Viral warning for Bluetongue in UK. Are your cattle at risk? Recommendations for crisis planning and precautionary measures available in blog. 'Strathvale Farm' removed from Lidl webpages, ongoing origin scrutiny for food. Deposit Return Scheme to be launched Oct 2027. Extended Producer Responsibility update. CBD could there be movement in regulated authorisations? Finally, don't forget food hygiene! A deli gets a £32k fine.
    19 min read

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