Alasdair Poore

Position: Partner
Phone: +(44)(0)1223 222248
Fax: +(44)(0)1223 222591

What can I do for you?

I am a partner in our technology and commerce team. If you need someone to help you through the law on protection of intellectual property rights, exploitation of ideas, technology agreements, or resolving intellectual property disputes, I can help you. I have experience of dealing with a wide range of issues: from patents to brand protection, computer systems to pharmaceutical products, and from special issues in higher education to the commercial drivers in the biotechnology industry. I work with clients from across the world, from mainland Europe, USA, China, India and Australasia, and on projects throughout the world. 

Supporting my clients’ ambitions

Clients need clear, practical and commercial solutions. As an example, I recently gave urgent advice to a client who came up against a market leader’s patent during installation. We analysed strengths and weaknesses and presented a practical course to follow. A formal challenge was seen off. Both parties benefitted. The owner acknowledged our client’s defence. Our client liked the owner and their technology and became an exclusive licensee. For another client, this time in the US, I robustly saw off an injunction application to protect their business with a flagship customer.

A client is not just for Christmas; they are for life. We are in it for the long haul and have clients who can vouch for that. For example, IT installations can be a nightmare! We like getting our hands dirty, understanding the technical details. We help explain complex contracts simply to clients, to help them get it right. We work as part of their team to smooth out the wrinkles – not just once but for the life of the agreement. IT should work for clients – our experience means that we can help it do so.

What do others say?

Clients and peers comment that I am always willing to be in at the front, but never demanding the limelight.

“A master of technical detail and imaginative solutions, but clear, concise and practical, with a single target: to drive towards our objectives.” A client

“As close to working as one of our in-house team as we have found, but still able to stand away and give an independent view.” A client

What else should you know?

I am a Chartered Patent Attorney, Registered Trade Mark Attorney and European Design Attorney. Industry experience has left its mark. I am a member of the Licensing Executives Society and the International Trade Mark Association as well as a recent President of the Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys. As President and Chairman of CIPA's Trade Mark Committee and a member of its International Liasion Committee I have promoted working with Patent Attorneys from China, India and Korea to the USA, Canada and Australia.