Brexit legal insight

Read the latest collection of articles from our legal experts on the impact of Brexit.

> Post-Brexit settled status: the application process revealed
Government has at long last published full details of the post-Brexit Settlement Scheme for EU nationals in the UK.

> Brexit jargon buster
We offer explanations of 10 key terms to help build a more detailed understanding of the Brexit issues that still need to be resolved.  

> Brexit report highlights challenges for life sciences sector
The life sciences sector is particularly exposed to Brexit. The close integration of the UK’s regulatory and research environment with that of the EU, and the international nature of the industry, means that separation is likely to be difficult and disruptive.

> What will Brexit mean for geographical indications in the foods and beverages industry? 
The government has given limited guidance to the food and beverage sector as to what to expect in post-Brexit Britain. Is a domestic protection regime the answer or should the UK leave these forms of protection behind?

> Philanthropy - overlooked by Brexit? 
UK charities risk losing more than £250m (£229m for England alone) of EU money after Brexit. But beyond the loss of EU funding for UK charities, the impact of Brexit on intra-Community philanthropy has not yet been taken into account. 

> What can the life sciences sector expect from Brexit?
The UK has put life sciences front and centre in its Industrial Strategy, listing it as one of four sectors set to benefit from the first wave of sector deals. However, how can Brexit affect the sector?

> UK and EU some way apart over Brexit immigration deal
In this article we explain the gap between the UK and EU's opening positions and look at the practical implications for employers.

> An overview of the legal implications of Brexit for those involved in the agriculture industry
At the Sentry Farming Conference on 8 February, our joint head of food and agribusiness Michael Aubrey provided an overview of the legal implications of Brexit for those involved in the agriculture industry. 

> Brexit and innovative businesses
Triggering Article 50 has started the two-year process of negotiations that will end with a deal, an untidy departure or (maybe) an agreement to keep talking. Since our first analysis of what Brexit will mean for businesses we have learned more about what the UK intends to keep and discard. How are things looking now for innovative businesses?

> Football and Brexit – an update
There have been some new developments since the referendum in June. We have put together a short article outlining the key developments as they relate to immigration and specifically, footballers.

> How does Brexit impact upon governing law, jurisdiction and enforcement of commercial contracts?
Since the referendum vote, there has been a great degree of speculation over what impact Brexit will have on the English legal system.

> Brexit: what happens to VAT?
Brexit will have many tax implications but what about the UK’s current VAT system, given that VAT is an EU tax adopted by all member states, is governed by EU regulations and Directives and subject to the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice. 

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