Probate fees based on value of estate

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The Government is set to charge probate fees based on the value of an individual’s estate on death. For some this will result in a massive increase, from the current £155 fee, to £6,000. This is on top of any inheritance tax that is payable.

Many of the public will be unaware of these changes, which are expected to come into in April, but professionals are outraged by these proposals: they consider that the changes represent an additional tax on death, rather than a fee for the Probate Registry’s service. A fuller parliamentary process has to be followed to introduce a new tax, than is required to increase a fee, so these changes are criticised as a “tax by the back door”. 

Both STEP and the Law Society have voiced their concerns over the manner in which these changes are being brought in. The Law Society has circulated a helpful link to enable anyone to send a note to their MP (in less than two minutes) highlighting their disapproval of these proposals. However it is anticipated that the final House of Commons’ vote on the proposals is imminent, so anyone wishing to raise this with their MP needs to act swiftly!

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