Connect, collaborate, innovate

At Mills & Reeve we are dedicated to building an innovative culture by embracing new working practices and technology to further improve our outstanding client service.

Innovation is not just about the big ideas and Eureka moments. It’s anything new which has a positive, measurable impact on how we work. That’s why we place great emphasis on our people and the great ideas they can all contribute.

This was demonstrated during our second Innovation Week in October 2017 which focussed on the theme “Connect, collaborate, innovate” and resulted in our people posting over 60 new ideas to our Innovation Hub. These ideas are now being reviewed and implemented.

“Connect, collaborate, innovate” is how we talk about innovation at Mills & Reeve. We believe that by better connecting everyone in the firm, and indeed our clients, there are more opportunities to discuss ideas and in turn come up with the innovative thinking that will make the difference.

Some recent examples of how we have begun implementing artificial intelligence and cutting-edge technology at Mills & Reeve

  • Our real estate team is utilising artificial intelligence to enable more efficient lease reporting for investment acquisitions, producing faster, accurate reports for clients
  • We are using HiQ software on our dataroom service M&R Collaborate, and we offer interactive Isheets as a way of communicating and showing dealflow outside a client’s email system

Find out more about innovation at Mills & Reeve

To go behind the scenes of our latest Innovation Week click on the video below or view it in a new window.

To find out more about how we’re implementing AI at Mills & Reeve click on the video below or view it in a new window.

 And if you want to see a seriously impressive Mexican Wave then click on the video below or view it in a new window.