Food regulatory

With our expertise in the food and drinks sector, we are here to help you find a practical, commercial solution to your regulatory concerns.

Businesses in the fast-moving food and drinks industry face a raft of challenges, central to which is balancing commercial thinking with regulatory compliance. 

We can help with the wide range of regulatory concerns that can arise for a food or beverage company. In fact, we've helped hundreds of such businesses achieve their goals by putting in place practical, workable legal arrangements. 

Our lawyers

Our in-depth experience enables us to really interpret legislation and provide you with the confidence to take a proactive approach.

Our experience

We have worked in the following areas:

  • General formulation for food products.
  • Permitted ingredients and ingredient listing and category listing for foods.
  • Advising on novel foods, ingredients and production methods.
  • Authorisation process and responsibilities.
  • Information requirements B2B and for consumers.
  • Advising on advertising claims including health and nutrition claims, country of origin and product liability.
  • Advising on interpretation of Food Safety Requirements under Regulation 178/2002 to a number of major and trans-European food producers.
  • Advising during New Product Development, liaising with marketing and legal teams to ensure the appropriate legal name, labelling and advertising campaign is agreed upon.
  • General advice on labelling and advertising but also when there is a change such as a reformulation.
  • Assisting at importing new products into the UK/EU for composition and marketing purposes.
  • Providing risk assessment of different approaches under regulation to best support your technical and legal team. 

Our clients

We have experience working with a range of companies including:

  • Smaller start-ups through to international branded food and beverage companies
  • Food and feed processors
  • Restaurants and caterers

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