Separate well with one lawyer - reaching an agreement

We offer you, as a couple, a cooperative, dignified and cost-effective approach to dealing with your separation or divorce, together.

Get the same legal advice from one lawyer, together

Having one lawyer enables you to get the same legal advice together, reach an agreement about all of the legal issues arising from your separation and have that agreement recorded in legal documents by your lawyer and approved by the court where necessary.

The pros: 

  • You pay for one lawyer, not two 

  • You get the same legal advice together, therefore avoiding conversations such as “my lawyer said this…..” “well my lawyer said differently….”  

  • Your lawyer has a vested interest in helping the two of you reach an agreement without going to court 

  • You do not usually need to go to court  

  • You can involve other professionals in your process if we all think it will help; eg financial adviser, pensions expert, accountant, counsellor, mediator 

  • The legal advice will be directive, ie your lawyer will tell you what order (or range of orders) that they think the court would make if needed, although you may choose to agree something different if it is still workable and reasonable 

The cons: 

  • You do not have your own lawyer  “on your side” (although you can take separate advice if you wish) 

  • The process relies on there being reasonable communication and co-operation between you both, and it may not be suitable for you (for one of the reasons set out below)


Mediation may be a better option if you feel your interests are not aligned, there is a level of conflict between you, or if you want to work on your future communication and co-operation as well as sorting out practical legal issues.

Is the one lawyer approach suitable for you?

If you are both...

  • Wanting to work towards a workable outcome amicably together  

  • Emotionally able to work together and solve problems

  • Willing to be open and honest with sharing all relevant financial and factual information 

  • Seeking legal help so that you can both reach a fair agreement about money and/or the arrangements for your children 

...then you are likely to be suitable to use our separate well with one lawyer service.


When is the one lawyer approach not suitable for you?

Our service might not be appropriate if...

  • There are concerns about whether your relationship has been abusive 

  • There are safeguarding concerns in relation to an adult or child  

  • Emotions are running too high  

  • Conflict has been a significant feature of your relationship 

  • There is a significant imbalance of power that cannot be managed 

  • One or both of you will not provide all the relevant information needed and/or will not confirm that you have done so 

  • One of you is, or feels, unable to make decisions freely  

  • There is any actual or perceived concern that either or both of you may be involved in unlawful activity 

  • There are legal or other complexities that will be difficult to address together with one lawyer 


The process

Please see our diagram below to see how our separate well with one lawyer service works.

Click here to view a full size version of the flowchart.


Why choose us?

We are recognised as one of the leading family and children teams nationally for family dispute resolution outside court. Unlike family law teams who do not include mediators, collaborative practitioners and arbitrators, we can work with you in whichever way will best assist you to achieve your objectives; whether you both work with one of our lawyers together or need to proceed in a different way.  

Our specialist family law mediators are very experienced with working with separating couples and with children, so have the skills and experience to assist you both. With offices across the country, we are likely to be able to support you wherever you are. 

If relevant for you, we also have extensive experience working with international families and we can also call upon the expertise of our colleagues who specialise in other areas of law, for example, corporate, real estate, and tax.  

Main contacts

We take time to understand what you are going through and know how to help you and your family. 

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