Driverless Cars - the future face of transportation

We’re seeing increasing interest in the potential that autonomous vehicles, or driverless cars, have for our future transport needs. With tests taking place in the US and UK, it seems likely that we’ll be seeing some form of automated transport on our roads in the not too distant future. We’ve examined the topic and have put together a collection of articles and briefings that you might find useful.
Sky interview

Watch us discuss driverless cars on Sky News.
The state of driverless cars in the UK

Read the discussions from our driverless revolution event in Manchester.
House of Lords 2016 autonomous vehicles inquiry

Our response to the inquiry into future uses of autonomous vehicles in the UK.
Top 10 legal issues

We examine the top 10 legal issues facing driverless cars.
A legal or ethical question?

Why we need to get used to the idea that self-driving cars will sometimes crash.
UK government 2016 consultation

Our response to the “Proposals to support advanced driver assistance systems and automated vehicle technologies”.
The sliding scale of automation

Where do different classes of driverless cars fall on the spectrum?
Major review of legal framework

Government’s legal review is first step on a long and complex journey.