Niall Innes

Position: Partner
Phone: +(44)(0)161 235 5436
Mobile: +(44)(0)7760 776072
Fax: +(44)(0)161 235 5421

What can I do for you?

I’m a professional indemnity lawyer dealing with claims against a number of professions ranging from solicitors and barristers to IT professionals, financial advisers and estate agents. The claims involve traditional claims for breach of contract and negligence but also dealing with disciplinary proceedings.

I also give policy advice to insurers and deal with challenges to decisions to decline indemnity. I have particular experience dealing with claims involving dishonesty.

Supporting my clients’ ambitions

One highlight for me was successfully helping a commercial organisation and their insurers in dealing with a difficult arbitration being brought in Denmark. Differing priorities between the insured and their insurer had to be balanced while managing a particularly aggressive claimant whose aim appeared more to damage the insured’s reputation than to resolve whatever legitimate issues they may have had. Achieving a solution acceptable to all, while preserving the insured’s professional reputation, always provides real satisfaction.

What do others say about me?

I am described in the Legal 500 as “client friendly and extremely knowledgeable” and always aim to provide a quick and efficient service to clients trying to achieve their objectives in any particular matter.

What else should you know?

I have Higher Rights of Audience, which I think helps in concentrating on the important aspects of a claim from the start.