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Peter Domaniewski


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What can Peter do for you?

Peter works in Mills & Reeve’s surety team and in the broader projects and construction group. His work involves assisting Mills & Reeve’s surety clients in a number of respects, with a particular focus on reviewing and drafting the sureties’ counter-indemnity arrangements, related asset security, co-surety agreements and inter-creditor/ priority arrangements with the indemnitors and other project stakeholders.

Supporting your ambitions

In addition to assisting the sureties on relatively routine transactions, Peter has particularly enjoyed working on a number of high-profile matters which include: advance payment refund guarantees in the shipbuilding industry; the provision to Carillion of emergency surety bond bridging facilities in 2017; surety bond claims in the wake of Carillion’s insolvency; safeguarding guarantees to meet the requirements of the Payment Services Regulations 2017 and, most recently, the issue of decommissioning payment guarantees in the North Sea oil sector.

What do others say?

In relation to a recent matter that entailed working intensively in order to complete a surety transaction within a 48 hour timeframe one of Peter’s clients said: “Thank you for your help. It is appreciated.” 

What else should you know?

Surety has featured in Peter’s family history and has even affected the fortunes of his family to some extent. His Polish great-grandfather once stood surety (for an indebted colleague in the Polish army) and ended up having to pay out under his bond.

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